The actual terrorists

Klaus Madersbacher


"Sometimes I wonder what a 'culture' is worth that is incapable of giving people as much spiritual resistance that they'll know when they're being lied to as cheekily as the media currently do. That this is against the interests of the vast majority of humanity doesn´t need to be specifically mentioned."

I wrote this in July 2011, when three major European cultural nations together with a few smaller ones under the leadership of the cultural superpower shot the peaceful country of Libya to shreds and systematically devastated it.

This is exactly the kind of crime for which the Nazi leaders were hanged at the time. The crime against peace, which obviously only very few people even know to be a crime. The crime against peace - the unleashing of a war of aggression - is the most serious war crime that includes all other war crimes.

Simply put, that means that the person/government/nation starts a war is responsible for all the crimes committed in connection with that war.

It is not the case that killing or injuring people is not a crime, that the destruction of houses etc. is not a crime if carried out by armies with a parliamentary approved budget using highly sophisticated military equipment.

Even if such outstanding democratic institutions as the United States Congress, Her Majesty's Parliament or the German Bundestag grant permission for such activities, that does not change the fact that they are crimes - war crimes under International law.

As you know, the Nazi leaders were not hanged until after the Second World War. During the war they and most people in the country probably did not think that such a fate was awaiting them.

Things are not much different today. I don't want to puzzle around now who of the leaders currently in power will end up on a rope when a new "Nuremberg" comes after the end of the wars currently being waged. In any case, it can be assumed that all the wars currently being fought are crimes against peace. And they won't last forever...

Those who have started these wars and are still waging them may still have a somewhat good image in the West, where their propaganda organ overwhelms rational thinking and plays the praises of criminals.

Until a Stalingrad 2.0 paves the way to a Nuremberg 2.0 we will have to live with those who defend themselves against this insanity being labelled "terrorists" while the actual terrorists are moving freely.

  7. Dezember 2015  
  Klaus Madersbacher - Plagues  
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